Sunday, 29 March 2009

Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)

Q1 : What is the difference between Sofea Collection's scarves and other brand in the market?

Sofea Collection products made of the highest quality materials selection:
  • Fabric/ material : our scarf collection made from high-quality fabric named lycra/ spandex material which is stretchable, easy-to-wear and it's very comfort to wear whilst the usual RM10 scarf is made from JC material.
  • Up-to-date design : various colours and energetic design which is suite to the teenagers and young woman.
  • Half-awning: The awning is purposely made half so that any face type can wear this scarf no matter you're having round, square or oval face..
  • Awning material : We are very particular on selecting the fabric/material used. The materials vary including Pure Thai Silk, Raw Silk, Brocade China-Silk and etc.
Sofea Collection has its own QA/QC control which has experience in these tailoring industries for more than 30 years.

Q2 : I would like to sell these tudung OFF-line at my office, do you offer any package?

Yes, you are most welcome! Our package are as follows :

GOLD package      : Outright (non-returnable) - Minimum purchase 10pcs
SILVER package    : Outright (returnable within 2 weeks) - Minimum purchase 2 kodi (40 pcs)
BRONZE package  : Consignment (need security deposit 20%-30% from stock value)

Anyway, we're open to discuss if you have special event/ collaboration/ proposal. Please do not hesitate to contact
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